Kirby Urner, Oregon Curriculum Network
Minimalist implementation of the Blowfish algorithm in
pure Python -- slow, but useful for understanding the
algorithm, learning Python, crypto concepts -- no
warranties or guarentees of any kind.  Not suitable
for governmental or commerical purposes.

First shared on the web: November 27, 2000
Last modified:  Jun 17, 2001:  streamlined by adding
                un/hexlify from binascii, eliminated
                unnecessary base conversions
Modified:       Dec 8, 2000 (added file i/o)

Uses some syntax conventions unique to Python 2.0 but
these are easily removed for older versions of Python
import string,os
from binascii import hexlify, unhexlify

sbox,parray = [0]*4,[0]*18

def testbf():
    Test this implementation of the Blowfish algorithm against
    a set of test vectors (key, plaintext, ciphertext listings)
    # change or remove path to testvectors file if necessary

    testvectors = open(r"ocn/bftstdata.txt",'r')
    for testdata in testvectors.readlines():
        if testdata[0]=="#": continue
        key,plaintext,ciphertext = map(lambda x: eval('0x'+x+'L'),
        print "Key      : %s " % (hex(key)[2:-1])
        computext = bfencrypt(plaintext)
        decrypted = bfdecrypt(computext)

        # compare results with testvector

        if ciphertext == computext:
            testresult = "GOOD"
            testresult = "BAD"

        # Print outcomes, stripping L off long hex integers

        print "Plaintext: %s          Target: %s" % (
        print "Decrypted: %s      Ciphertext: %s  %s\n" % (
              decrypted, computext, testresult)

def bfencrypt(x):
    Main encryption algorithm -- depends on subkeys
    having already been generated from key using
    # Divide 64-bit chunk into left and right halves

    xL = x>>32
    xR = x & 0xFFFFFFFFL
    # 16-round Feistel network

    for i in range(16):
       xL = xL ^ parray[i]  # XOR with P-box

       xR = F(xL) ^ xR      # apply F to xL, XOR with xR

       xR,xL = xL,xR        # swap xR,xL

    # Reverse most recent swap

    xR,xL = xL,xR

    # XOR using last two P-boxes

    xR = xR ^ parray[16]
    xL = xL ^ parray[17]
    return (xL<<32) | xR

def bfdecrypt(x):
    Main decryption algorithm -- same algorithm
    as encrypt, but in reverse order
    # Divide 64-bit chunk into left and right halves    

    xL = x>>32
    xR = x & 0xFFFFFFFFL

    # 16-round Feistel network (reversed)

    for i in range(17,1,-1):
       xL = xL ^ parray[i]
       xR = F(xL) ^ xR
       xR,xL = xL,xR

    # Reverse most recent swap

    xR,xL = xL,xR

    # XOR using first two P-boxes       

    xR = xR ^ parray[1]
    xL = xL ^ parray[0]   
    return (xL<<32) | xR

def F(xL):
    qs = [0L]*4
    # divide x into four eight-bit quarters

    # these will serve as indexes to S-boxes 1-4

    for i in range(4):
        offset = (3-i)*8
        qs[i]  = (xL & 0xFFL<<offset) >> offset # byte i of xL

    # apply function

    rtnval = (sbox[0][qs[0]]+sbox[1][qs[1]])%(1L<<32) # add S1+S2

    rtnval ^= sbox[2][qs[2]]                          # XOR w/ S3

    return (rtnval+sbox[3][qs[3]])%(1L<<32)           # add S4

def initialize(key):
    Use key to setup subkeys -- requires 521 encryptions
    to set p and s boxes.  key is a hex number corresponding
    to a string of 32 up to 448 1s and 0s -- keylen says
    how long
    hexkey = hex(key)[2:]
    if hexkey[-1]=='L':
       hexkey = hexkey[:-1]

    if len(hexkey)%2==1:
        hexkey = '0'+hexkey
    lenkey = len(hexkey)/8    
    if lenkey==0:  pos=0
    # XOR key segments with P-boxes

    for i in range(18):
        if lenkey>0:
            pos = (i%lenkey)*8  # offset into key gives subkey

        subkey = eval('0x'+hexkey[pos:pos+8]+'L')
        parray[i] ^= subkey  # immediate XOR -- Python 2.0+ syntax

    # encrypt 0-data, then keep re-encrypting and reassigning P-boxes

    output = 0L
    for i in range(0,17,2):
        output = bfencrypt(output)
        parray[i], parray[i+1] = output>>32, output & 0xFFFFFFFFL

    # re-encrypt and reassign through all the S-boxes        

    for i in range(4):
        for j in range(0,255,2):
            output = bfencrypt(output)
            sbox[i][j],sbox[i][j+1] = output>>32, output & 0xFFFFFFFFL

    print "Initialization complete"

def encrypt(filename,key=5333772633003566340333184962382L):
    Use a user-supplied key file to save filename.*
    as filename.bf, along with key in filename.key

    For testing purposes, key = 'CRYPTONOMICON' in hex
    (set above as long decimal integer) -- 13 bytes = 104 bits
    encfile = filename[:string.rfind(filename,".")]+".cpt"
    keyfile = filename[:string.rfind(filename,".")]+".key"
    encfilesize = os.stat(filename)[6]
    print "File size: %s bytes" % encfilesize
    plnfileobj = open(filename,'rb')    
    encfileobj = open(encfile,'wb')
    keyfileobj = open(keyfile,'w')    

    instring = plnfileobj.read()
    blocks = len(instring)/8
    padding = (blocks + 1)*8 - encfilesize
    instring = instring + padding * chr(padding)
    print "Padding with %s bytes" % padding
    print "New file size: %s" % len(instring)
    outstring = ""

    print "Encrypting..."    
    for i in range(blocks+1):
        inbytes   = mkchunk(instring[i*8:i*8+8]) # 8-byte string as hex no.

        cipher    = bfencrypt(inbytes)     # ...encrypted

        outbytes  = mkbytes(cipher)
        outstring = outstring + outbytes   # and appended

    print "Writing to file: %s bytes" % len(outstring)            

def decrypt(filename):
    Use a codekey to decrypt a file (see encrypt)

    plnfile  = filename[:string.rfind(filename,".")]+".dcp"    
    keyfile  = filename[:string.rfind(filename,".")]+".key"
    encfileobj = open(filename,'rb')
    plnfileobj = open(plnfile,'wb')    
    keyfileobj = open(keyfile,'r')

    encfilesize = os.stat(filename)[6]
    print "File size: %s bytes" % encfilesize
    print "Reading from " + filename
    print "Writing to " + plnfile
    print "Using key " + keyfile
    line = keyfileobj.readline()  # this file is a one-liner

    values = string.split(line,",")
    key = eval(values[0])
    keylen = int(values[1])


    outstring = ""
    instring = encfileobj.read(encfilesize)

    print "Decrypting..."
    for i in range(encfilesize/8):
        inbytes   = mkchunk(instring[i*8:i*8+8]) # 8-byte string as hex no.        

        plain     = bfdecrypt(inbytes)           # ...decrypted

        outbytes  = mkbytes(plain)
        outstring = outstring+outbytes           # and appended

    lastbyte = outstring[-1]
    outstring = outstring[:-ord(lastbyte)]
    print "Last byte: %s " % ord(lastbyte)

    print "Writing file: %s bytes" % len(outstring)

def mkchunk(chrs):
    Accept a string of characters and return a
    long integer made from corresponding bytes
    return eval('0x'+hexlify(chrs)+"L")

def mkbytes(input):
    Accept a long integer and return a corresponding
    string of characters (bytes), left-padding to 8 bytes
    instr = (('0'*16)+hex(input)[2:-1])[-16:]
    return unhexlify(instr)
   The hex digits of pi, arranged as four s_boxes & one p_array,
   as per the Blowfish default. These have passed muster w/ Eric
   Young's set of test vectors. Enjoy.  -Mike Schaudies

   Format modified for use in pure Python by K. Urner, Nov 2000.   

def loadhexpi():
    global sbox, parray
    sbox[0] = [
      0xd1310ba6L, 0x98dfb5acL, 0x2ffd72dbL, 0xd01adfb7L, 0xb8e1afedL, 0x6a267e96L,
      0xba7c9045L, 0xf12c7f99L, 0x24a19947L, 0xb3916cf7L, 0x0801f2e2L, 0x858efc16L,
      0x636920d8L, 0x71574e69L, 0xa458fea3L, 0xf4933d7eL, 0x0d95748fL, 0x728eb658L,
      0x718bcd58L, 0x82154aeeL, 0x7b54a41dL, 0xc25a59b5L, 0x9c30d539L, 0x2af26013L,
      0xc5d1b023L, 0x286085f0L, 0xca417918L, 0xb8db38efL, 0x8e79dcb0L, 0x603a180eL,
      0x6c9e0e8bL, 0xb01e8a3eL, 0xd71577c1L, 0xbd314b27L, 0x78af2fdaL, 0x55605c60L,
      0xe65525f3L, 0xaa55ab94L, 0x57489862L, 0x63e81440L, 0x55ca396aL, 0x2aab10b6L,
      0xb4cc5c34L, 0x1141e8ceL, 0xa15486afL, 0x7c72e993L, 0xb3ee1411L, 0x636fbc2aL,
      0x2ba9c55dL, 0x741831f6L, 0xce5c3e16L, 0x9b87931eL, 0xafd6ba33L, 0x6c24cf5cL,
      0x7a325381L, 0x28958677L, 0x3b8f4898L, 0x6b4bb9afL, 0xc4bfe81bL, 0x66282193L,
      0x61d809ccL, 0xfb21a991L, 0x487cac60L, 0x5dec8032L, 0xef845d5dL, 0xe98575b1L,
      0xdc262302L, 0xeb651b88L, 0x23893e81L, 0xd396acc5L, 0x0f6d6ff3L, 0x83f44239L,
      0x2e0b4482L, 0xa4842004L, 0x69c8f04aL, 0x9e1f9b5eL, 0x21c66842L, 0xf6e96c9aL,
      0x670c9c61L, 0xabd388f0L, 0x6a51a0d2L, 0xd8542f68L, 0x960fa728L, 0xab5133a3L,
      0x6eef0b6cL, 0x137a3be4L, 0xba3bf050L, 0x7efb2a98L, 0xa1f1651dL, 0x39af0176L,
      0x66ca593eL, 0x82430e88L, 0x8cee8619L, 0x456f9fb4L, 0x7d84a5c3L, 0x3b8b5ebeL,
      0xe06f75d8L, 0x85c12073L, 0x401a449fL, 0x56c16aa6L, 0x4ed3aa62L, 0x363f7706L,
      0x1bfedf72L, 0x429b023dL, 0x37d0d724L, 0xd00a1248L, 0xdb0fead3L, 0x49f1c09bL,
      0x075372c9L, 0x80991b7bL, 0x25d479d8L, 0xf6e8def7L, 0xe3fe501aL, 0xb6794c3bL,
      0x976ce0bdL, 0x04c006baL, 0xc1a94fb6L, 0x409f60c4L, 0x5e5c9ec2L, 0x196a2463L,
      0x68fb6fafL, 0x3e6c53b5L, 0x1339b2ebL, 0x3b52ec6fL, 0x6dfc511fL, 0x9b30952cL,
      0xcc814544L, 0xaf5ebd09L, 0xbee3d004L, 0xde334afdL, 0x660f2807L, 0x192e4bb3L,
      0xc0cba857L, 0x45c8740fL, 0xd20b5f39L, 0xb9d3fbdbL, 0x5579c0bdL, 0x1a60320aL,
      0xd6a100c6L, 0x402c7279L, 0x679f25feL, 0xfb1fa3ccL, 0x8ea5e9f8L, 0xdb3222f8L,
      0x3c7516dfL, 0xfd616b15L, 0x2f501ec8L, 0xad0552abL, 0x323db5faL, 0xfd238760L,
      0x53317b48L, 0x3e00df82L, 0x9e5c57bbL, 0xca6f8ca0L, 0x1a87562eL, 0xdf1769dbL,
      0xd542a8f6L, 0x287effc3L, 0xac6732c6L, 0x8c4f5573L, 0x695b27b0L, 0xbbca58c8L,
      0xe1ffa35dL, 0xb8f011a0L, 0x10fa3d98L, 0xfd2183b8L, 0x4afcb56cL, 0x2dd1d35bL,
      0x9a53e479L, 0xb6f84565L, 0xd28e49bcL, 0x4bfb9790L, 0xe1ddf2daL, 0xa4cb7e33L,
      0x62fb1341L, 0xcee4c6e8L, 0xef20cadaL, 0x36774c01L, 0xd07e9efeL, 0x2bf11fb4L,
      0x95dbda4dL, 0xae909198L, 0xeaad8e71L, 0x6b93d5a0L, 0xd08ed1d0L, 0xafc725e0L,
      0x8e3c5b2fL, 0x8e7594b7L, 0x8ff6e2fbL, 0xf2122b64L, 0x8888b812L, 0x900df01cL,
      0x4fad5ea0L, 0x688fc31cL, 0xd1cff191L, 0xb3a8c1adL, 0x2f2f2218L, 0xbe0e1777L,
      0xea752dfeL, 0x8b021fa1L, 0xe5a0cc0fL, 0xb56f74e8L, 0x18acf3d6L, 0xce89e299L,
      0xb4a84fe0L, 0xfd13e0b7L, 0x7cc43b81L, 0xd2ada8d9L, 0x165fa266L, 0x80957705L,
      0x93cc7314L, 0x211a1477L, 0xe6ad2065L, 0x77b5fa86L, 0xc75442f5L, 0xfb9d35cfL,
      0xebcdaf0cL, 0x7b3e89a0L, 0xd6411bd3L, 0xae1e7e49L, 0x00250e2dL, 0x2071b35eL,
      0x226800bbL, 0x57b8e0afL, 0x2464369bL, 0xf009b91eL, 0x5563911dL, 0x59dfa6aaL,
      0x78c14389L, 0xd95a537fL, 0x207d5ba2L, 0x02e5b9c5L, 0x83260376L, 0x6295cfa9L,
      0x11c81968L, 0x4e734a41L, 0xb3472dcaL, 0x7b14a94aL, 0x1b510052L, 0x9a532915L,
      0xd60f573fL, 0xbc9bc6e4L, 0x2b60a476L, 0x81e67400L, 0x08ba6fb5L, 0x571be91fL,
      0xf296ec6bL, 0x2a0dd915L, 0xb6636521L, 0xe7b9f9b6L, 0xff34052eL, 0xc5855664L,
      0x53b02d5dL, 0xa99f8fa1L, 0x08ba4799L, 0x6e85076aL]

    sbox[1] = [
      0x4b7a70e9L, 0xb5b32944L, 0xdb75092eL, 0xc4192623L, 0xad6ea6b0L, 0x49a7df7dL,
      0x9cee60b8L, 0x8fedb266L, 0xecaa8c71L, 0x699a17ffL, 0x5664526cL, 0xc2b19ee1L,
      0x193602a5L, 0x75094c29L, 0xa0591340L, 0xe4183a3eL, 0x3f54989aL, 0x5b429d65L,
      0x6b8fe4d6L, 0x99f73fd6L, 0xa1d29c07L, 0xefe830f5L, 0x4d2d38e6L, 0xf0255dc1L,
      0x4cdd2086L, 0x8470eb26L, 0x6382e9c6L, 0x021ecc5eL, 0x09686b3fL, 0x3ebaefc9L,
      0x3c971814L, 0x6b6a70a1L, 0x687f3584L, 0x52a0e286L, 0xb79c5305L, 0xaa500737L,
      0x3e07841cL, 0x7fdeae5cL, 0x8e7d44ecL, 0x5716f2b8L, 0xb03ada37L, 0xf0500c0dL,
      0xf01c1f04L, 0x0200b3ffL, 0xae0cf51aL, 0x3cb574b2L, 0x25837a58L, 0xdc0921bdL,
      0xd19113f9L, 0x7ca92ff6L, 0x94324773L, 0x22f54701L, 0x3ae5e581L, 0x37c2dadcL,
      0xc8b57634L, 0x9af3dda7L, 0xa9446146L, 0x0fd0030eL, 0xecc8c73eL, 0xa4751e41L,
      0xe238cd99L, 0x3bea0e2fL, 0x3280bba1L, 0x183eb331L, 0x4e548b38L, 0x4f6db908L,
      0x6f420d03L, 0xf60a04bfL, 0x2cb81290L, 0x24977c79L, 0x5679b072L, 0xbcaf89afL,
      0xde9a771fL, 0xd9930810L, 0xb38bae12L, 0xdccf3f2eL, 0x5512721fL, 0x2e6b7124L,
      0x501adde6L, 0x9f84cd87L, 0x7a584718L, 0x7408da17L, 0xbc9f9abcL, 0xe94b7d8cL,
      0xec7aec3aL, 0xdb851dfaL, 0x63094366L, 0xc464c3d2L, 0xef1c1847L, 0x3215d908L,
      0xdd433b37L, 0x24c2ba16L, 0x12a14d43L, 0x2a65c451L, 0x50940002L, 0x133ae4ddL,
      0x71dff89eL, 0x10314e55L, 0x81ac77d6L, 0x5f11199bL, 0x043556f1L, 0xd7a3c76bL,
      0x3c11183bL, 0x5924a509L, 0xf28fe6edL, 0x97f1fbfaL, 0x9ebabf2cL, 0x1e153c6eL,
      0x86e34570L, 0xeae96fb1L, 0x860e5e0aL, 0x5a3e2ab3L, 0x771fe71cL, 0x4e3d06faL,
      0x2965dcb9L, 0x99e71d0fL, 0x803e89d6L, 0x5266c825L, 0x2e4cc978L, 0x9c10b36aL,
      0xc6150ebaL, 0x94e2ea78L, 0xa5fc3c53L, 0x1e0a2df4L, 0xf2f74ea7L, 0x361d2b3dL,
      0x1939260fL, 0x19c27960L, 0x5223a708L, 0xf71312b6L, 0xebadfe6eL, 0xeac31f66L,
      0xe3bc4595L, 0xa67bc883L, 0xb17f37d1L, 0x018cff28L, 0xc332ddefL, 0xbe6c5aa5L,
      0x65582185L, 0x68ab9802L, 0xeecea50fL, 0xdb2f953bL, 0x2aef7dadL, 0x5b6e2f84L,
      0x1521b628L, 0x29076170L, 0xecdd4775L, 0x619f1510L, 0x13cca830L, 0xeb61bd96L,
      0x0334fe1eL, 0xaa0363cfL, 0xb5735c90L, 0x4c70a239L, 0xd59e9e0bL, 0xcbaade14L,
      0xeecc86bcL, 0x60622ca7L, 0x9cab5cabL, 0xb2f3846eL, 0x648b1eafL, 0x19bdf0caL,
      0xa02369b9L, 0x655abb50L, 0x40685a32L, 0x3c2ab4b3L, 0x319ee9d5L, 0xc021b8f7L,
      0x9b540b19L, 0x875fa099L, 0x95f7997eL, 0x623d7da8L, 0xf837889aL, 0x97e32d77L,
      0x11ed935fL, 0x16681281L, 0x0e358829L, 0xc7e61fd6L, 0x96dedfa1L, 0x7858ba99L,
      0x57f584a5L, 0x1b227263L, 0x9b83c3ffL, 0x1ac24696L, 0xcdb30aebL, 0x532e3054L,
      0x8fd948e4L, 0x6dbc3128L, 0x58ebf2efL, 0x34c6ffeaL, 0xfe28ed61L, 0xee7c3c73L,
      0x5d4a14d9L, 0xe864b7e3L, 0x42105d14L, 0x203e13e0L, 0x45eee2b6L, 0xa3aaabeaL,
      0xdb6c4f15L, 0xfacb4fd0L, 0xc742f442L, 0xef6abbb5L, 0x654f3b1dL, 0x41cd2105L,
      0xd81e799eL, 0x86854dc7L, 0xe44b476aL, 0x3d816250L, 0xcf62a1f2L, 0x5b8d2646L,
      0xfc8883a0L, 0xc1c7b6a3L, 0x7f1524c3L, 0x69cb7492L, 0x47848a0bL, 0x5692b285L,
      0x095bbf00L, 0xad19489dL, 0x1462b174L, 0x23820e00L, 0x58428d2aL, 0x0c55f5eaL,
      0x1dadf43eL, 0x233f7061L, 0x3372f092L, 0x8d937e41L, 0xd65fecf1L, 0x6c223bdbL,
      0x7cde3759L, 0xcbee7460L, 0x4085f2a7L, 0xce77326eL, 0xa6078084L, 0x19f8509eL,
      0xe8efd855L, 0x61d99735L, 0xa969a7aaL, 0xc50c06c2L, 0x5a04abfcL, 0x800bcadcL,
      0x9e447a2eL, 0xc3453484L, 0xfdd56705L, 0x0e1e9ec9L, 0xdb73dbd3L, 0x105588cdL,
      0x675fda79L, 0xe3674340L, 0xc5c43465L, 0x713e38d8L, 0x3d28f89eL, 0xf16dff20L,
      0x153e21e7L, 0x8fb03d4aL, 0xe6e39f2bL, 0xdb83adf7L]

    sbox[2] = [
      0xe93d5a68L, 0x948140f7L, 0xf64c261cL, 0x94692934L, 0x411520f7L, 0x7602d4f7L,
      0xbcf46b2eL, 0xd4a20068L, 0xd4082471L, 0x3320f46aL, 0x43b7d4b7L, 0x500061afL,
      0x1e39f62eL, 0x97244546L, 0x14214f74L, 0xbf8b8840L, 0x4d95fc1dL, 0x96b591afL,
      0x70f4ddd3L, 0x66a02f45L, 0xbfbc09ecL, 0x03bd9785L, 0x7fac6dd0L, 0x31cb8504L,
      0x96eb27b3L, 0x55fd3941L, 0xda2547e6L, 0xabca0a9aL, 0x28507825L, 0x530429f4L,
      0x0a2c86daL, 0xe9b66dfbL, 0x68dc1462L, 0xd7486900L, 0x680ec0a4L, 0x27a18deeL,
      0x4f3ffea2L, 0xe887ad8cL, 0xb58ce006L, 0x7af4d6b6L, 0xaace1e7cL, 0xd3375fecL,
      0xce78a399L, 0x406b2a42L, 0x20fe9e35L, 0xd9f385b9L, 0xee39d7abL, 0x3b124e8bL,
      0x1dc9faf7L, 0x4b6d1856L, 0x26a36631L, 0xeae397b2L, 0x3a6efa74L, 0xdd5b4332L,
      0x6841e7f7L, 0xca7820fbL, 0xfb0af54eL, 0xd8feb397L, 0x454056acL, 0xba489527L,
      0x55533a3aL, 0x20838d87L, 0xfe6ba9b7L, 0xd096954bL, 0x55a867bcL, 0xa1159a58L,
      0xcca92963L, 0x99e1db33L, 0xa62a4a56L, 0x3f3125f9L, 0x5ef47e1cL, 0x9029317cL,
      0xfdf8e802L, 0x04272f70L, 0x80bb155cL, 0x05282ce3L, 0x95c11548L, 0xe4c66d22L,
      0x48c1133fL, 0xc70f86dcL, 0x07f9c9eeL, 0x41041f0fL, 0x404779a4L, 0x5d886e17L,
      0x325f51ebL, 0xd59bc0d1L, 0xf2bcc18fL, 0x41113564L, 0x257b7834L, 0x602a9c60L,
      0xdff8e8a3L, 0x1f636c1bL, 0x0e12b4c2L, 0x02e1329eL, 0xaf664fd1L, 0xcad18115L,
      0x6b2395e0L, 0x333e92e1L, 0x3b240b62L, 0xeebeb922L, 0x85b2a20eL, 0xe6ba0d99L,
      0xde720c8cL, 0x2da2f728L, 0xd0127845L, 0x95b794fdL, 0x647d0862L, 0xe7ccf5f0L,
      0x5449a36fL, 0x877d48faL, 0xc39dfd27L, 0xf33e8d1eL, 0x0a476341L, 0x992eff74L,
      0x3a6f6eabL, 0xf4f8fd37L, 0xa812dc60L, 0xa1ebddf8L, 0x991be14cL, 0xdb6e6b0dL,
      0xc67b5510L, 0x6d672c37L, 0x2765d43bL, 0xdcd0e804L, 0xf1290dc7L, 0xcc00ffa3L,
      0xb5390f92L, 0x690fed0bL, 0x667b9ffbL, 0xcedb7d9cL, 0xa091cf0bL, 0xd9155ea3L,
      0xbb132f88L, 0x515bad24L, 0x7b9479bfL, 0x763bd6ebL, 0x37392eb3L, 0xcc115979L,
      0x8026e297L, 0xf42e312dL, 0x6842ada7L, 0xc66a2b3bL, 0x12754cccL, 0x782ef11cL,
      0x6a124237L, 0xb79251e7L, 0x06a1bbe6L, 0x4bfb6350L, 0x1a6b1018L, 0x11caedfaL,
      0x3d25bdd8L, 0xe2e1c3c9L, 0x44421659L, 0x0a121386L, 0xd90cec6eL, 0xd5abea2aL,
      0x64af674eL, 0xda86a85fL, 0xbebfe988L, 0x64e4c3feL, 0x9dbc8057L, 0xf0f7c086L,
      0x60787bf8L, 0x6003604dL, 0xd1fd8346L, 0xf6381fb0L, 0x7745ae04L, 0xd736fcccL,
      0x83426b33L, 0xf01eab71L, 0xb0804187L, 0x3c005e5fL, 0x77a057beL, 0xbde8ae24L,
      0x55464299L, 0xbf582e61L, 0x4e58f48fL, 0xf2ddfda2L, 0xf474ef38L, 0x8789bdc2L,
      0x5366f9c3L, 0xc8b38e74L, 0xb475f255L, 0x46fcd9b9L, 0x7aeb2661L, 0x8b1ddf84L,
      0x846a0e79L, 0x915f95e2L, 0x466e598eL, 0x20b45770L, 0x8cd55591L, 0xc902de4cL,
      0xb90bace1L, 0xbb8205d0L, 0x11a86248L, 0x7574a99eL, 0xb77f19b6L, 0xe0a9dc09L,
      0x662d09a1L, 0xc4324633L, 0xe85a1f02L, 0x09f0be8cL, 0x4a99a025L, 0x1d6efe10L,
      0x1ab93d1dL, 0x0ba5a4dfL, 0xa186f20fL, 0x2868f169L, 0xdcb7da83L, 0x573906feL,
      0xa1e2ce9bL, 0x4fcd7f52L, 0x50115e01L, 0xa70683faL, 0xa002b5c4L, 0x0de6d027L,
      0x9af88c27L, 0x773f8641L, 0xc3604c06L, 0x61a806b5L, 0xf0177a28L, 0xc0f586e0L,
      0x006058aaL, 0x30dc7d62L, 0x11e69ed7L, 0x2338ea63L, 0x53c2dd94L, 0xc2c21634L,
      0xbbcbee56L, 0x90bcb6deL, 0xebfc7da1L, 0xce591d76L, 0x6f05e409L, 0x4b7c0188L,
      0x39720a3dL, 0x7c927c24L, 0x86e3725fL, 0x724d9db9L, 0x1ac15bb4L, 0xd39eb8fcL,
      0xed545578L, 0x08fca5b5L, 0xd83d7cd3L, 0x4dad0fc4L, 0x1e50ef5eL, 0xb161e6f8L,
      0xa28514d9L, 0x6c51133cL, 0x6fd5c7e7L, 0x56e14ec4L, 0x362abfceL, 0xddc6c837L,
      0xd79a3234L, 0x92638212L, 0x670efa8eL, 0x406000e0L]

    sbox[3] = [
      0x3a39ce37L, 0xd3faf5cfL, 0xabc27737L, 0x5ac52d1bL, 0x5cb0679eL, 0x4fa33742L,
      0xd3822740L, 0x99bc9bbeL, 0xd5118e9dL, 0xbf0f7315L, 0xd62d1c7eL, 0xc700c47bL,
      0xb78c1b6bL, 0x21a19045L, 0xb26eb1beL, 0x6a366eb4L, 0x5748ab2fL, 0xbc946e79L,
      0xc6a376d2L, 0x6549c2c8L, 0x530ff8eeL, 0x468dde7dL, 0xd5730a1dL, 0x4cd04dc6L,
      0x2939bbdbL, 0xa9ba4650L, 0xac9526e8L, 0xbe5ee304L, 0xa1fad5f0L, 0x6a2d519aL,
      0x63ef8ce2L, 0x9a86ee22L, 0xc089c2b8L, 0x43242ef6L, 0xa51e03aaL, 0x9cf2d0a4L,
      0x83c061baL, 0x9be96a4dL, 0x8fe51550L, 0xba645bd6L, 0x2826a2f9L, 0xa73a3ae1L,
      0x4ba99586L, 0xef5562e9L, 0xc72fefd3L, 0xf752f7daL, 0x3f046f69L, 0x77fa0a59L,
      0x80e4a915L, 0x87b08601L, 0x9b09e6adL, 0x3b3ee593L, 0xe990fd5aL, 0x9e34d797L,
      0x2cf0b7d9L, 0x022b8b51L, 0x96d5ac3aL, 0x017da67dL, 0xd1cf3ed6L, 0x7c7d2d28L,
      0x1f9f25cfL, 0xadf2b89bL, 0x5ad6b472L, 0x5a88f54cL, 0xe029ac71L, 0xe019a5e6L,
      0x47b0acfdL, 0xed93fa9bL, 0xe8d3c48dL, 0x283b57ccL, 0xf8d56629L, 0x79132e28L,
      0x785f0191L, 0xed756055L, 0xf7960e44L, 0xe3d35e8cL, 0x15056dd4L, 0x88f46dbaL,
      0x03a16125L, 0x0564f0bdL, 0xc3eb9e15L, 0x3c9057a2L, 0x97271aecL, 0xa93a072aL,
      0x1b3f6d9bL, 0x1e6321f5L, 0xf59c66fbL, 0x26dcf319L, 0x7533d928L, 0xb155fdf5L,
      0x03563482L, 0x8aba3cbbL, 0x28517711L, 0xc20ad9f8L, 0xabcc5167L, 0xccad925fL,
      0x4de81751L, 0x3830dc8eL, 0x379d5862L, 0x9320f991L, 0xea7a90c2L, 0xfb3e7bceL,
      0x5121ce64L, 0x774fbe32L, 0xa8b6e37eL, 0xc3293d46L, 0x48de5369L, 0x6413e680L,
      0xa2ae0810L, 0xdd6db224L, 0x69852dfdL, 0x09072166L, 0xb39a460aL, 0x6445c0ddL,
      0x586cdecfL, 0x1c20c8aeL, 0x5bbef7ddL, 0x1b588d40L, 0xccd2017fL, 0x6bb4e3bbL,
      0xdda26a7eL, 0x3a59ff45L, 0x3e350a44L, 0xbcb4cdd5L, 0x72eacea8L, 0xfa6484bbL,
      0x8d6612aeL, 0xbf3c6f47L, 0xd29be463L, 0x542f5d9eL, 0xaec2771bL, 0xf64e6370L,
      0x740e0d8dL, 0xe75b1357L, 0xf8721671L, 0xaf537d5dL, 0x4040cb08L, 0x4eb4e2ccL,
      0x34d2466aL, 0x0115af84L, 0xe1b00428L, 0x95983a1dL, 0x06b89fb4L, 0xce6ea048L,
      0x6f3f3b82L, 0x3520ab82L, 0x011a1d4bL, 0x277227f8L, 0x611560b1L, 0xe7933fdcL,
      0xbb3a792bL, 0x344525bdL, 0xa08839e1L, 0x51ce794bL, 0x2f32c9b7L, 0xa01fbac9L,
      0xe01cc87eL, 0xbcc7d1f6L, 0xcf0111c3L, 0xa1e8aac7L, 0x1a908749L, 0xd44fbd9aL,
      0xd0dadecbL, 0xd50ada38L, 0x0339c32aL, 0xc6913667L, 0x8df9317cL, 0xe0b12b4fL,
      0xf79e59b7L, 0x43f5bb3aL, 0xf2d519ffL, 0x27d9459cL, 0xbf97222cL, 0x15e6fc2aL,
      0x0f91fc71L, 0x9b941525L, 0xfae59361L, 0xceb69cebL, 0xc2a86459L, 0x12baa8d1L,
      0xb6c1075eL, 0xe3056a0cL, 0x10d25065L, 0xcb03a442L, 0xe0ec6e0eL, 0x1698db3bL,
      0x4c98a0beL, 0x3278e964L, 0x9f1f9532L, 0xe0d392dfL, 0xd3a0342bL, 0x8971f21eL,
      0x1b0a7441L, 0x4ba3348cL, 0xc5be7120L, 0xc37632d8L, 0xdf359f8dL, 0x9b992f2eL,
      0xe60b6f47L, 0x0fe3f11dL, 0xe54cda54L, 0x1edad891L, 0xce6279cfL, 0xcd3e7e6fL,
      0x1618b166L, 0xfd2c1d05L, 0x848fd2c5L, 0xf6fb2299L, 0xf523f357L, 0xa6327623L,
      0x93a83531L, 0x56cccd02L, 0xacf08162L, 0x5a75ebb5L, 0x6e163697L, 0x88d273ccL,
      0xde966292L, 0x81b949d0L, 0x4c50901bL, 0x71c65614L, 0xe6c6c7bdL, 0x327a140aL,
      0x45e1d006L, 0xc3f27b9aL, 0xc9aa53fdL, 0x62a80f00L, 0xbb25bfe2L, 0x35bdd2f6L,
      0x71126905L, 0xb2040222L, 0xb6cbcf7cL, 0xcd769c2bL, 0x53113ec0L, 0x1640e3d3L,
      0x38abbd60L, 0x2547adf0L, 0xba38209cL, 0xf746ce76L, 0x77afa1c5L, 0x20756060L,
      0x85cbfe4eL, 0x8ae88dd8L, 0x7aaaf9b0L, 0x4cf9aa7eL, 0x1948c25cL, 0x02fb8a8cL,
      0x01c36ae4L, 0xd6ebe1f9L, 0x90d4f869L, 0xa65cdea0L, 0x3f09252dL, 0xc208e69fL,
      0xb74e6132L, 0xce77e25bL, 0x578fdfe3L, 0x3ac372e6L]
    parray = [
      0x243f6a88L, 0x85a308d3L, 0x13198a2eL, 0x03707344L, 0xa4093822L, 0x299f31d0L,
      0x082efa98L, 0xec4e6c89L, 0x452821e6L, 0x38d01377L, 0xbe5466cfL, 0x34e90c6cL,
      0xc0ac29b7L, 0xc97c50ddL, 0x3f84d5b5L, 0xb5470917L, 0x9216d5d9L, 0x8979fb1bL]
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