Resources on the Internet

Mathematics Sites


The Math Forum:

Lots of materials organized by topic and level; discussion groups.† Popular with teachers and students alike.†


Colorful and fun.

S.O.S. Math:

2500+ math pages, all levels.

The Prime Pages:

Accessible, plus contains some high level stuff, on a mathematics topic of enduring interest and relevance

Encyclopedia of Polyhedra:

George Hartís growing collection of virtual polyhedra. Best viewed with a VRML plug-in (see VRML below):

Computer Languages



Increasingly considered a good first language yet remains popular with pros; active, helpful community (free, Windows, Mac, Linux)

PLT Scheme:

lots of instructional materials from Rice University, TX (free, Windows, Mac, Linux)

Other Computer Resources



High quality ray tracing software for developing exciting math-based art.† (free)

VRML Pages:†††††††††

Another technology for studying geometry and doing graphic art.

Oregon TIPS:

A resource for teachers which parents and students might use. (click browse button)