A Presentation Manager for
OSCON 2005

First posted: July 18, 2005
Last Modified: January 29, 2007

In the weeks between EuroPython 2005 and OSCON 2005, I developed some presentation management software, using Pygame.

The talk is about how Bucky Fuller's concept of anticipatory design science overlaps what many call the open source revolution i.e. the commitment on the part of engineers to humanity's success (not excluding their own), and what this means in terms of collaboration and use of one another's intellectual capabilities.

I maintain a personal branch of the source code with a custom version of my Fuller School presentation, with the content and footer changing depending on the organization to which I'm presenting. The snap shot provided here is of the OSCON 2005 version.

I haven't made any plans to publish this code base in CVS on Sourceforge or the like, but am open to a project manager doing so.

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