Note: I posted the following through the comments facility at the Roger's Connection web site on Sept. 16, 2005. Some correspondence with Roger followed, with a first few outgoing emails archived below. -- Kirby

Name:     Kirby Urner
Subject:  Synergetics on the Web

Hi Roger --

Re:  your web site

The majority of your links to Kirby Urner's 'Synergetics on the Web' 
are broken, owing to Teleport's having been sold, and the site's 
having moved (to years ago.

Anyone can link to my site (that's how the web works).  However, 
insofar as you've requested and advertise having special permission 
to reproduce pictures or other content from my site, I'd like to 
see this removed.  I am no longer giving you any special 
permissions or privileges with regard to my content.

Thanks in advance for taking prompt action.


Cc:  Urner Family archives


From: Kirby Urner [] 
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2005 8:57 PM
To: Roger Silber
Subject: RE: Your request regarding content at my website

Hey Roger, thanks for the lengthy emails.

I expected you'd find those references e.g. polys.html @ Oregon 
Curriculum Network.  Google is great for that.

I'm not open to changing my wording at this time.  I worked 
with Stu through design phase on that toy and had many ideas 
independently of whatever documents you refer to, which I've 
never seen.  You and I have never communicated about rod-and-magnet 
toy designs.
Stu has a tremendous ability to take good ideas and implement them 
as a manufacturing process.  This is by far the more challenging 
task (good ideas are relatively easy to come by).  For this reason, 
I admire his contribution to Roger's Connection at least as much 
as I admire the idea itself, which I've seen implemented in various 
ways by other companies.
If you have some beef with DST you'd like to make more public, I'm 
in no position to stop you.  I feel I've said very little and am within 
my rights to say what little I have said.  I did detailed renderings 
of that toy out of my own imagination without any input from you, 
I hope you'll at least admit that much.

There's nothing untrue in my characterizations, given my knowledge 
and everything you've so far written.  So I'll leave it at that.



From: Kirby Urner [] 
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2005 2:46 AM
To: Roger Silber
Subject: RE: Your request regarding content at my website

Hi Roger --

The only link I'm aware of to my archived note (and thank you 
for complying with my request) is from said polys.html (see 
links at bottom).

Best to not send further materials as we have no nondisclosure 
agreement and are not forming a business relationship.  I don't 
want to worry about confidentiality issues.  I've deleted the 
lengthy emails you sent earlier as I don't want to remember 
if the stuff is secret.  I forwarded none of it to others.

Perhaps someday we'll meet casually and continue this discussion.

I've been friends with Stu and Cary for a long time.  Their 
company has played a pivotal role within the design science 
community, e.g. hosted one of the first SNEC symposiums after 
Fearnley, Applewhite, DeVarco, Chu, myself and others got 
together at Russ's in Washington DC to launch the series 
(which has since continued in Oswego, New York).  In addition 
to my work on SA, I did quite a bit around the 
website (now offline).  

I put a lot of time and energy into SA (DeVarco came up with 
the name).  My renderings helped with the conceptualizing 
and prototyping, not just with marketing.  I used Python a 
lot, not just POV-Ray (polys.html gives some idea of that