kirby urner @ STScI

Greetings Earthlings!

Please allow me to introduce myself, as the instructor for this Saturday Academy class, dubbed Martian Math.

The theme of this summer camp, held at Reed College in the first week of August of 2010, was mathematics on a time-line.

Students would go from room to room and learn about the technical skills and lore from different eras and epochs in human history. My associate Glenn Stockton taught Neolithic Math (math from the distant past).

The idea of Martian Math is somewhat whimsical in that it represents "mathematics in the future"!

Having the future be the focus leaves matters somewhat up to the speculative imagination. Different instructors would take this in different directions.

As the author of a web site named the Oregon Curriculum Network, I've given a lot of thought to futuristic ideas about math teaching.

As a student of R. Buckminster Fuller and Ludwig Wittgenstein (the latter's philosophy was focus of my thesis at Princeton, as an undergrad years ago), I'm inclined to have my own definite views on this matter.

To understand what's "alien" about Martian Math in more detail, I invite you to check out my Notes for Teachers in the Annex.

I welcome input from other teachers regarding what I've been working on with collaborators.

Also, feel free to explore my several blogs (fair warning that I'm a prolific writer).

If you would like to have me do a teacher training in your school, or work directly with your students, I'm especially able to do that around Oregon.

Please get in touch.